Dr. Poszler

Full medical check-up in 90 minutes

Time is a scarce commodity for successful people. They are used to working effectively and in a results-oriented way – and they expect no less from us.

Spending half a day or longer at the doctor’s is more than your appointment calendar will allow.

That’s why we have developed a check-up-concept that enables an extremely comprehensive evaluation of your health situation and your personal risk factors but takes only 90 minutes (in its basic version).

Examinations take place in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of our practice. With professionalism and (of course) great care we will take you through the individual steps of the check-up. You – and not the state-of-the-art medical technology that we will use to serve you – will take the leading role. There is always enough time for you and your questions. And at the end you will have discovered that a visit to the doctor can be a thoroughly rewarding and positive experience.

Our full check-up will show you where you are at right now, and it can serve as a basis for a comprehensive short or long-term health-coaching plan if you wish.


From Monday to Friday we can give you your preferred appointment time.

Saturday appointments are possible on request.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring any relevant medical documents (e.g. immunisation card) if necessary.

There’s no waiting time; Dr. Poszler will be at your service for the whole of your time at the practice.

We will take a detailed medical history, clarifying all the relevant questions regarding previous illnesses, operations, personal or family risk factors, allergies, immunisation situation, previous check-ups and, if relevant, medical complaints. It is most important for us to comprehend your private and professional situation and to understand what expectations and wishes you might have regarding your check-up.

Then follows a comprehensive physical examination, a major laboratory test to assess all the relevant blood and urine parameters (taking into account any special factors that might have emerged in the case-history discussion), a stress ECG on the cycle ergometer to measure blood oxygenation and lactate values to determine your level of physical fitness, a lung function test, a colour duplex ultrasound examination of the carotid arteries to assess the thickness of the vascular wall, and the thyroid, heart and abdominal organs. For men over 40, we also do a prostate check.

On the basis of what we find, we will assess cardiovascular system function, metabolism and all the internal organs, current actual physical performance capacity and individual risk profile.

In a comprehensive concluding conversation with you we will discuss the information gathered and the consequences that follow from it.

Any recommendations for changes in your lifestyle and nutrition habits, physical training or other measures will be concretely set out, and incomplete or expired immunisations will be updated if desired.

Finally, you will receive your Personal Findings File which includes a written report on the examination in language you can understand.